Siska Amelia Maldin(1), Syailendra Reza Irwansyah Rezeki(2*),

(1) Batam Tourism Polytechnic
(2) Batam Tourism Polytechnic
(*) Corresponding Author


This study aimed to discover the development of tourism industry in several cultural events at Batam Regency, Riau Island Province. This is seen crucial as it deals with how the cultural event in tourism industry may affect the intensity of tourists’ revisit and tourism development. The data were obtained from interview and library research about the number of tourists’ visits on the cultural events and the increased number of the local revenue. The data were analyzed through qualitative data analysis. The results from the study showed how effective the cultural events to attract tourists’ revisit, develop the tourism industry, and local revenues. These are seen from the aspects like quality of accessibility, marketing, accommodation and venue

Keywords: development, tourism industry, cultural event, tourists’ revisit, effectiveness


Tourism Industry; Cultural tourism; Cultural Events ; Batam Tourism; Development of Tourism

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